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My approach with the golf has been completely random. One day I was helping a Ligurian Association to raise funds for retinal diseases, I came across Chris Pagliettini: this was and still is, the Secretary of the circolo Golf e tennis Rapallo. Talking about the more and the less tells me that for the disabled there was the possibility of free lessons in his circle and what attracts me immediately: not so much for the Genoese that distinguishes me soul but for the fact that, like all sports aiming and precision golf had always aroused in me a strong curiosity that I thought I could not fill.

mirko alla 8 dietro la piantaFrom this chance encounter came a huge, tremendous passion and I changed my life. The golf course allowed me to compete at a high level with people with my same disability (physical, not game of course) and this has led to my sense of competitiveness to be channeled in the right way, because it could also stimulate my life choices. A disabled person has a strong sense of competition, by default we may say, because his awakening is already inserted in an environment that the advantage against him and if he fails in something you can always escape into “so much I couldn’t”.

When you compete with people who have your same difficulty, if they do better than you just mean or who have more talent or that unlike your managed somehow to overcome certain problems … and if they can, why do you not? Then then this desire transporting from the game to real life and everything you might have seemed impossible or difficult to arrivabile, here you will face as a para real and concrete possibility, if only you commit yourself to get it.

Incentiverò always sport for disabled people and I never tire of trying to ensure that anyone who needs to have the possibility to meet, first and foremost with themselves and their own limits, thanks to that wonderful school that is sports! In addition, special thanks go to those wonderful people who devote their time to us letting us from driving, in my case, my uncle Marco.

Mirko Ghiggeri

Calendario Eventi

ISPS Handa South African Blind Golf Open

dal 15 al 17 Giugno 2018
Milnerton Golf Club; Milnerton, Capetown

ISPS Handa Australian Blind Golf Open

dal 07 al 09 Marzo 2018
Rosebud Country Club
207 Boneo Road, Rosebud, Victoria 3939

ISPS Handa US Blind Golf Championships

dal 5 al 8 Aprile 2018
Haven Golf Course, Green Valley Arizona

ISPS Handa Italian Open

dal 29 Settembre al 2 Ottobre 2018
Golf Club Parco de’ Medici, Roma

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