The FIG joined the Italian Paralympic Committee

The Italian Golf Federation, recognizing the value of golfing activities for people with disabilities, has agreed to serve as in-house a Paralympic sector, as already implemented by other federations. The reference of this area has been entrusted the Director Paolo Risso.

After a long procedure, last December the FIGURE, in order to support and facilitate the activities of disabled golfers, has obtained recognition as Paralympic discipline on the part of the Italian Paralympic Committee (CIP).

After having forwarded the request for membership to the European Disabled Golf Association, the Federazione Italiana Golf, with entry into the CIP, gave a tangible signal as a function of the full support of people with disabilities who wish to play golf.
With this In mind, the FIG has formed a Working Committee, which in the last Federal Council outlined the guidelines for the future on the basis of the recent recognition as the official body.

The CIP rules, regulates and manages sports activities for disabled persons on their territory, according to criteria designed to ensure the right to participation in sporting activity in conditions of equality and equal opportunities. Regarding the high-level competitions, the CIP coordinates and promotes the athletic preparation of Paralympic teams of different disciplines with a view to national and international commitments and especially of the Paralympic Games, winter and summer.

To date, the CIP recognizes more than 40 sports entities, including Paralympic Paralympic disciplines, federations, institutions and associations to promote Paralympic Paralympic deserted.