How to become a member of BlindGolfItaly

Discover the members of the association Sport

Types of Membership:

Members are  divided into the following categories:

  • Founders
  • Honorary Members
  • Ordinary Members
  • Players Members
  • Supporting Members

Are  Founders people who have participated in the formation of the Association.

Can be Ordinary Members:
all persons who, having applied for, been accepted as such by the Board of Directors in its sole discretion and judgment.

Can be Members Players :
all the visual impaired persons, Golfers, both Italian and foreign, as long as registered with the Italian Golf Federation and who, having applied for, been accepted as such by the Board of Directors in its discretion.

May be Supporting Members :
persons, associations and organizations who wish to support with their contribution to the economic activities of the Association.


  • Ordinary annual € 40
  • Player   annual € 50
  • Supporting annual € 25

Registration can be made online and are payable with paypall and / or credit card by checking the appropriate boxes in the “want to join us?”

How to pay to become a member of BlindGolfItaly

The fee to become a member can be paid​​through PayPal, one of the most widely used payment systems on the Web, thanks to which you can buy goods in absolute safety, without having to reveal the number of your credit card or the coordinates of its bank account.

To make the payment please follow these instructions:

  • Select which type of membership you wish to subscribe to and click on the button below to place
  • Check the purchase order summary and confirmation of the registration fee by clicking on the PayPal button
  • You will be transferred to the PayPal site, enter your credentials or if you do not have an account register
  • Click on the pay now button to complete the transaction
  • After a few moments you will receive in the mail the receipt of payment for registration as a member of BlindGolfItaly

Quote for ordinary membership € 40 per year

 Quote membership player € 50 per year

Quote for sponsoring membership € 25 per year

Donations and sponsorships

If you are interested in making a donation or sponsor the sports association BlindGolfItaly

Calendario Eventi

ISPS Handa South African Blind Golf Open

dal 15 al 17 Giugno 2018
Milnerton Golf Club; Milnerton, Capetown

ISPS Handa Australian Blind Golf Open

dal 07 al 09 Marzo 2018
Rosebud Country Club
207 Boneo Road, Rosebud, Victoria 3939

ISPS Handa US Blind Golf Championships

dal 5 al 8 Aprile 2018
Haven Golf Course, Green Valley Arizona

ISPS Handa Italian Open

dal 29 Settembre al 2 Ottobre 2018
Golf Club Parco de’ Medici, Roma

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