From the site Federgolf July 11, 2014


Blind: Chiara Pozzi Giacosa triumphs in Ireland

Chiara Pozzi Giacosa has triumphed in the Irish Blind Golf Open, a tournament which was held in the path of Roganstown G & CC (pictured) in Dublin, Ireland with players divided into three different categories of visual acuity.

The strong representative of the blue, in fact, has emerged both in the category matched that in B1. In the first finished with 136 strokes (68 68) surpassing its last Steve Beevers green with the same score (136-66 70), while in the B1 segnatocon 208 hits beating Canadian Brian McLeod with 210, 217 with Andrea Calcaterra, Billy McAllister with 231 and 232 with Sharon Israeli Zoar. Good behavior of Stefano Palmieri, finished in half the list. The B2 has vintoil South African Slattery Garrett with 188 and was well defended Ghiggeri Mirko, who finished with 225. B3 In finally happened with Steve Beevers 168. Next meeting July 6 at the ISPS Handa British Blind Open Championship .