US Blind Open: Italian triumph with Andrea Calcaterra and Chiara Pozzi Giacosa


Andrea Calcaterra and Chiara Pozzi Giocosa are in their respective categories of visus, for an authentic Italian triumph in 68° U.S. Blind Open Championship played on the path of the Stone Creek Golf Course, Portland, Ohio.

In category B1 Calcaterra men concluded the 36 holes with 196 rounds (98 98), preceding the Israeli Zoar Sharon (197) and Canadian Brian MacLeod (203). The Wells Giacosa, female category (all visus), has imposed with 212 (109103), leaving five hits the Canadian Woman Hawkins (217), Northern Irish ten Jan Dinsdale (222), and at eleven American Diane Wilson (223).
B2 and B3 categories dominated the Americans: in the first Jeremy Poincenoud (176-85 91) surpassed Mike McCoon (183) and in the second Ron Plath (166-83 83) had reason to Harry Hester (173). The 31 competitors, American and eleven winds coming from other countries, who faced each other on a difficult path, wide enough, but wavy, with cliffs and rocks around water hazards