Profile of Andrea Calcaterra

Andrea Calcaterra, born in Milan in 1952 began playing at 8 years, the passion and the results took him 70 over the years as being among the best Italian amateurs.
Raised on the green of the Villa d’Este golf course, has participated in several national and international competitions, in 1980, with the early disappearance of father Sandro, had to slow down the racing activities, devoting himself to the family business.

andrea calcaterra foto profiloAt the end of 90 years has stopped playing due to a lowering of the field of view. In 1998 lost his sight, because a double posting of nets, compounded by the shingles which precluded all hope divísus.

He returned to play golf in 2002, to challenge to return to competition, the case wanted to challenge became an almost daily effort, both in practice and in involvement in Feder in disabled Golf International Blind Golf Association, of which today he is vice President.

The results both in national and international field, they are slow to arrive, but the most rewarding result is to have involved in the sport of other athletes, golf didn’t know anything and that today are a fundamental part of the sport of BlindGolfItaly.

Two names Mirko and Stefano. It is hoped that in the near future will add more athletes with disabilities of sight because golf is a sport that allows everyone to participate, both for pleasure and challenge.

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