il team Resto del Mondo

Below is the RoW team, with players listed in order of IBGA handicaps:

B1: Zohar Sharon(isrl)
Andrea Calcaterra(Ita)
Chiara Pozzi(Ita)
Billy McAllister(Eng)

B2: Steve Beevers(Eng)
Andy Gilford(Eng)
Garrett Slattery( Rsa)
Paul McCormack(IRl)

B3: John Eakin(Eng)
Barry McCluskey(Sco)
Ally Reid(Sco)
Jason Heathfield(Eng)

• The Vision Cup selection policy has been followed.
• The only player in the above list who did not automatically qualify based on handicap ranking was Ally Reid, who was selected due to the unavailability of Cameron McDiarmid.

1 June 2019