Chiara Pozzi Giacosa

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He began to play from a young girl, 12 years, and over time came to be 8 of handycap, then an excellent ladies.

In 2004, following a blepharoplasty eyelid surgery, lost the sight in one week due to a bacterium, Streptococcus piogeno.

He succeeded with the help of relatives and friends to resume playing becoming the strongest in the world ladies in regaining the world title 2010 in 2012 in Canada.

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Hall of Fame

Year 2016

British Open
Andrea Calcaterra 2° int the cat B1, Stefano Palmieri 3° in the cat B1
Chiara Pozzi Giacosa 2° between the ladies

Italian Open:
Chiara Pozzi Giacosa 1° cat B1
Andrea Calcaterra 2° cat B1
Mirko Ghiggeri 2° cat B2

Open from Japan:
Stefano Palmieri 1° place

World Championship,Tokyo
Andrea Calcaterra 2° in the cat b1, Stefano Palmieri 5° in the cat B1
Mirko Ghiggeri best result second day

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