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BlindGolfItaly how does the association

chiara-simone-putt-percorso-blu-300x2251The BlindGolfItaly is an amateur sports association golf nonprofit, which takes in everything and for all the work done by the Department of the Blind Association Italian Golf Handicap  which was founded in 1998 by the architect Danilo Redaelli and Dr. Roberto Caja, which in 2003 was precisely transformed into the Italian Golf Federation Disabled .

BlindGolfItaly our goals

The association serves as primary objectives: Raising awareness of the visually impaired and their families to the practice of golf, a sport that has proved useful social aggregation, improving the quality of life both in physical terms and in terms of use of leisure time outdoors in the middle of the tranquil green of the golf course.

The identification of susceptible individuals to the practice of golf courses through instruction by qualified persons.

The start-up of courses, both theory and practice for attendance at sporting events.

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Calendario 2020

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